Diversity in Sport and Physical Activity Grant

The Laboratory for Diversity in Sport is pleased to announce the 2016 Diversity in Sport and Physical Activity Grant. This year, two levels of grants are offered:

  • Gradate Student: Funding in this area is reserved for graduate students (either MS or PhD) conducting diversity research in the area of sport and physical activity. One $1,000 grant will be awarded. The grant recipient should complete the research while still enrolled in school.
  • Faculty: Funding in this area is reserved for individuals with a terminal degree working at an institution of higher education. One $2,500 grant will be awarded.


Diversity and inclusion are among the most important issues in sport and physical activity today. Changing demographics, legal mandates, social pressures, varying workplace dynamics, and economic pressures have all increased the primacy of diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, although diversity can bring many benefits to sport organizations, there is also evidence that people who differ from the typical majority have poorer work experiences, face limited advancement opportunities, and have fewer chances to be physically active. The Diversity in Sport and Physical Activity Grant aims to address these areas. While we will review all proposals focusing on diversity and inclusion, we especially welcome proposals focusing on:

  • Analysis of how organizations create and maintain diverse and inclusive work environments;
  • Strategies to increase physical activity among members of under-represented groups;
  • Examination of the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals, both within sport organizations and as sport participants; 
  • Strategies to increase opportunities for children and adults from poor and working social classes; and
  • Strategies to build community capacity as a way to improve access to sport and physial activity. 


Researchers should complete the information requested in the proposal submission portal. This includes (1) the name, email and affiliation of the PI, (2) list of investigators, (3) proposal title and budget (including personnel costs, materials costs, and overall budget; no IDC can be included), (4) an abstract and proposal (no more than 1500 words), and (5) a list of five publications reflective of the quality of work the PI conducts. The proposal should include (a) an introduction, (b) an overview of the theoretical framework adopted for the study, (c) the proposed methods, (d) the data analytic procedures, (e) the expected results, and (f) the implications of the research for the study of diversity and inclusion in sport and physical activity. The grant is only available for US citizens enrolled or employed at an institution of higher education within the US. 

Note that Texas A&M University System employees are not eligible for the award.

Awards will be distributed in the form of contract work on the part of the PI for the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport. 

Additional Information

If awarded the grant, researchers are required to: (a) list the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport as a sponsor of the research on subsequent presentations and publications, and (b) provide the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport with copies of published articles emanating from the grant.

Grant recipients should provide feedback on their research by May 5, 2017

Indirect costs may not be included. 

Submission Information

Only electronic submissions through the submission portal will be accepted. The deadline for submission is 11:59 pm (CST), Friday, August 26, 2016, and a decision is expected soon thereafter. Questions should be directed to gbcunningham@tamu.edu.

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Past Award Recipients 

To date, the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport has awarded 14 grants, including 11 grants to students across the US, and 3 faculty research teams.